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catahoula puppies

Upcoming Litters

We have no planned litters at this time
Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to be considered for the waiting list for our next breeding.
We will not accept any deposits until the pregnancy is confirmed.  We will have a waiting list if you'd like to add your information at this time.
​ Picks will be made between 5-6 weeks when the puppies have begun to develop their personalities.  We do not make placements based on color, but on temperament, personality, and intended use. We will ship within the continental United States with arrangements made by the owner.  International shipping will be at our discretion. 
We encourage all of our puppy owners to pursue conformation, performance, and working trial achievements as well as health testing. Monetary rebates are offered upon completion of any of the above. 
catahoula litter
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